The entire GV team would like to extend a massive congratulations to National Technical Manager Dan Victory who celebrates a decade at our Exeter branch on 29th March.

A young Daniel Victory came to GV back in 2005 having worked at Exeter Sony Centre for a number of years. Joining the team as a Sales Representative, Dan's technical knowledge saw him move into the position of Technical Projects Manager in July 2007. Since then, Daniel has helped the company to increase its technical ability dramatically and assisted all branches in this capacity. As a result of his hard work, Dan was promoted to National Technical Manager in March 2012 and has been crucial to the company's success in winning some of our biggest contracts, not to mention our awards.

Many congratulations on this milestone, Dan!

Cardiff Metropolitan University recently celebrated 150 years as an education establishment. Being no stranger to adapting to the needs of students during their century and a half tenure, the University commissioned GV Multi-media to install fantastic digital signage systems - including the video wall displays shown here.

Six additional GV team members have successfully passed the Foundation exam for PRINCE2 Project Management. Joining the existing technical team members, the newly-qualified now hold the industry-recognised qualification for project management.

PRINCE2 (an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a de facto process-based method for effective project management that is used extensively by the UK Government and is also widely recognised and used in the private sector.

Congratulations to our newly-qualified team members!

The GV Multi-media team is delighted to have won not one but TWO Crestron Integration Awards at this year’s ceremony held at ISE.  GV Chairman Brian Abrahams and Managing Director Lilian Cutting were in attendance at the ceremony as they proudly watched the Exeter team collect their pair of prestigious prizes.

Scooping the trophies for Best Education Project and for Best Collaborative Technology, the team’s work at Cardiff Business School (CARBS) has seen the group win their third and fourth Crestron Award in four years. GV Multi-media won the Best Education Project in 2013 for the Exeter team’s work at Falmouth University’s AIR and also won the same award the year prior for the Hounslow team’s massive installation at King’s College London.

Back in 2013, Exeter team's Christmas party saw Engineering Team Leader Matt Slade attempt to display his epic appetite by taking on Harry’s Restaurant’s behemothic dessert – Harry’s Heart Attack – single handedly.

“Two will struggle, one will fail” taunted the gargantuan, frozen monstrosity from the pages of the menu. Refusing to back down and with his ears ringing from the clatter of Harry’s gauntlet having been thrown at his feet, Slade shrugged off the challenge and proceeded to consume the beast as if it were little more than a wafer thin mint. This courageous tale of man vs mountain became the stuff of legend.

One year later and the Exeter team once again descended upon the ice cream amphitheatre. Fuelled by Matt’s legacy and recent questions as to whether or not his appetite was actually all that impressive, two other team members – Marketing Executive Jordan Brown and Engineer Dave Bates – opted to test whether or not the feat was all that impressive. Refusing to have his status challenged, Matt agreed to once again brace the tundra and take on the challenge.

Aware of the task ahead, Bates ordered a lighter menu for the rest of his festive feast – opting for ribs and fishcakes while Brown chose ribs and macaroni cheese. Seemingly undeterred by the task ahead, Slade drank pints of cider and opted for a doughy garlic bread starter followed by the MOAB – the Mother of All Burgers, a 1lb monstrosity rammed with ground beef patties, cheese and bacon.