avocor landing

Avocor designs, develops and manufactures market leading interactive technology solutions for both corporate and education environments. They specialise in providing next generation interactive touch screens that provide an unrivalled experience for customers. The company has been built on a wealth of industry experience and is led by a team that really understands the true needs of customers operating in the business and education sectors. They have the highest level of expertise and market knowledge, and the ability to create products that can change customer behaviours and the way people think about technology.

Avocor interactive touch screens deliver teacher and student-centric technology and usability. Avocor has put teachers and students at the forefront of product development, with the objectives of bringing familiar, easy to use and secure applications to the classroom.

With unique and first-to-market concepts, the new VTF series makes a break from the market trend of embedding Android, favouring instead a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system; the touch screens also come complete with InGlass™ touch technology, the first in the education sector to boast this unrivalled technology.

avocor lineup

The VTF series is available in a range of sizes (65”, 75” and 84”) and features a Windows 10 operating system, revolutionary InGlass™ technology, a true tablet-like experience and integration with Microsoft Ink in all applications.

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